Hello, world. My name is Todd, and you may know me from Wordsmith. Or you may not, in which case, never mind. (But click that link and check it out. :-))

With 2015 just gaining its wings, I wanted to challenge myself to make a dietary change going into the new year. (I’d like you to know that I’m face-deep in a giant chocolate chip scone as I’m typing this.) That said, I plan to eventually go¬†completely dairy-free. It’s going to be tough, but I’m excited to make it happen, albeit a gradual process. I created this blog to document my journey into a healthier lifestyle, as well as to share with you my love of food. Take a look at my poorly-made and dimensionally-ignorant banner up there for some things you can expect to see on Foodsmith.

I’ve come across countless delectable-looking recipes and ideas on Pinterest that I want to try out this year, and here is where you’re sure to see how they turn out. The good, the bad, and the burnt. I’m excited.

I don’t have anything more to share with you at the moment, as it’s 11:02 PM and I’ve got to be at work in 7 hours. But to hold you over until the next post, please enjoy this photo of a vegetable roulade a friend of mine made that I had to Instagram before eating, because it looked cool and colorful:


Look how fucking delicious that looks. And it was.

Until next time.




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