Sesame Bagel + Goat Cheese

Hey! You…you, there. You look hungry. What’s that? No time to eat? No problem.

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a quick-fix solution for those occasions when you’re starving but pressed for time. It’s exactly what it sounds like and absolutely delicious. It only requires two ingredients and takes less than ten minutes.

Cream cheese is most often the accompaniment of choice when it comes to bagels, but the cheese of goats is among my favorite types of cheese, so I decided to substitute. Turns out my food-related hunches can be trusted, after all. 🙂

You’ll need:

  • A bagel
  • A log of goat cheese
  • Butter (optional)

I decided to use the blueberry/vanilla goat cheese from Trader Joe’s:


Feel free to use your goat cheese of choice, especially because this kind is seasonal and won’t be around much longer.

First, you’re going to want to slice your bagel in half and toast it. Or don’t. Toasting is optional.


Try not to burn the shit out of the part of the bagel that touches the bottom of the toaster, like I did.

Here’s where the butter comes in. When I tried this, my parents were over for dinner and my Mom had toasted and buttered some bagels. I wasn’t sure about adding the sweetness of blueberry and vanilla on top of something savory like butter, but I gave it a shot anyway. It actually pairs really well together, but is completely optional and up to you.

As delicious as it is, the stubborn thing about goat cheese is that it isn’t very spreadable. Start by cutting small slabs from the log. Be careful not to make them too thick so that they’re still somewhat malleable.


And they should look like this:


Goat cheese becomes more spreadable if you press down hard and then manipulate it with your knife, similar to butter straight from the fridge that hasn’t had time to soften. This is why I prefer a toasted bagel, because the crisp surface acts as a resistance when mashing the goat cheese down into spreadability. Untoasted bagels or bread may become mushed or ripped through if you push down too hard into them.

But with just enough force, it works nicely:


Sidebar: Let’s talk about this somehow bypassed little pattern mishap:


It’s driving me insane, and it’s on my kitchen counter. Mine. This is a picture I took with my phone. It’s not one of those ‘you had ONE job’ internet memes, but I wish it were. :-/

Once you’ve finished topping off your bagel halves, the final–and most important–step is to enjoy!


This bagel + goat cheese combo fits nicely alongside dinner or as the perfect snack to hold you over until dinner.


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